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Editorial Board Members
Dr. Xavier Fransis
Dr. N. Saxena
Prof. John Mathews
Dr. A. K. Gupta
Dr. Kayla Nicole
Dr. B. Neelima
Dr. B. Narasimhan
Dr. Anel Tanovic
Dr. Tossapon Boongoen
Dr. Mohammed Ali Hussain
Mr. Adis Medic
Dr. Shaikh Abdul Hannan

Eminent Academicians, Professors, Industrialists, CEOs and Researchers in the field of Engineering & Technology are requested to send their C.V. to us at, for appointment as Member of Editorial Board.

IJCES Editors one of the
major benefit is the reduction of publication charges for the manuscript recommended by them. To become an IJCES Editorial Board Member, following information is required to be furnished to the Editor IJCES.

Recent Photograph :
Affiliation / Institution or Company:
Contact Number:
Areas of Expertise:

A reply mail will be sent to you at the earliest, which lets you know whether you have been selected as IJCES Editorial Board Member or not.